Latest album: Onni / Happiness (2015)

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Good news to those who have asked after our first album Viira (2006)! It's now, soon after the 10-years-anniversary that would have been a month ago, digitally available in cdBaby and soon through Amazon, iTunes etc. 🙂 Do you want to hear what 15 to 16 year-old us sounded like? Well, go ahead and listen, and please feel free to let us know too!

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We got a beautiful letter from Ella! Kiitos, thank you Ella, and greetings to Colorado! ...

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Looking forward to our second tour in Japan in December 2017! We're still very excited that Onni album was awarded in the Top Ten of world music albums of the year in the Japanese Music Magazine 🙂 ...

『幸せ ONNI / カルデミンミット KARDEMIMMIT』 ミュージック・マガジン誌「2016ベストアルバム・ワールドミュージック部門第10位」に選出。 これは 北欧音楽としては初の快挙! 「フィンランドの女性4人組が、民族楽器、カンテレ2種とコーラスのみで作り上げた作品」 20代半ばにして、結成の15年。伝統と“今”のフィンランドを感じる暖かくも、不思議を感じる4作目。 是非 自宅でしっかり聴いて欲しい名盤☆

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