Latest album: Onni / Happiness (2015)

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We're happy to be playing in Cedar Cultural Center on September 29th! Mark your calendars and come listen to us, Minneapolis area friends 🙂

The Cedar Presents Kardemimmit with special guest Fri. 9/29/17 at 8:00pm $15 Advance, $18 Day of show On sale Fri. 4/28 at 12:00pm Kardemimmit are four young women playing the ancient Finnish national instrument, kantele. The band members are Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius and Leeni Wegelius. Alongside 15 and 38 stringed kanteles, singing has a big part in Kardemimmit’s musical universe where original pieces with a modern approach still have a strong foundation in Finnish, Eastern European and Scandinavian traditions. The Finnish reki-singing style, 19th century dancing music and Perhonjokilaakso kantele playing style, Eastern Finnish archaic improvisation and ancient runo singing are all present in Kardemimmit’s music.

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We are happy to announce we'll be around again in USA Midwest in October! We have a great opportunity to co-operate with Arts Midwest, an excellent non-profit arts organization arranging Folkfest that brings Scandinavian folk music to communities in Midwest.

We'll be spending one week in each of these towns:
Oct 1-7 in Chisholm, Minnesota
Oct 8-14 in Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Oct 15-21 in Marquette, Michigan
During the weekdays we'll be teaching workshops around the area, but in the end of each week there will be a concert open to everyone! We'll share you the details later. It sure would be nice to see you all in October 🙂

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Hei friends! We'll record an album later this year, probably to be released in Japan December 2017 and elsewhere early 2018 ☺️ Remember our Mesenaatti crowdfunding campaign for Onni? We're thinking of doing something similar but maybe with more products. What Kardemimmit related things would you like to buy to support our album recording process (in addition to buying the actual album)? We have some ideas but it would be brilliant to hear your thoughts 😊 ...

Kiitos! Thank you so much! 245 lovely people participated in funding our new album Onni (Happiness). We are truly happy and thankful 🙂 The finished product to be released on 22nd of May!

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